Leading Norway’s dental revolution

Mia Grundstrøm

Article published on worldfinance.com, December 2023

Colosseum Tannlege, a prominent player in Norway’s dental care sector, is focusing on growth, collaboration, knowledge sharing – and technology.

The story of Colosseum Tannlege goes all the way back to 1986. It started with a smile and an idea. It started with someone who saw new opportunities in the dental health profession. They trusted their own vision and ambition, even if they were perhaps a bit blue-eyed at the time. Today, Colosseum Tannlege is Norway’s leading provider of dental health services, with over 70 clinics across the country.

“My motto is that knowledge in itself is not power, but shared knowledge brings the power and value that takes you and your company to the next level,” Mia Grundstrøm, CEO of Colosseum Tannlege, tells World Finance.

The future of dentistry is digital

Colosseum Tannlege is definitely about sharing knowledge. That’s why the company has invested in their own Colosseum Academy, Northern Europe’s most professional course room in the field of dental health. The employees are all united when it comes to topping up professional knowledge. And there will be more to come.

Grundstrøm is emphasising the importance of technology. These days, artificial intelligence (AI) is helping dentists detect tooth decay faster to start treatment sooner. It can also be used to measure bone loss in the jaw, allowing dentists to identify the need for tooth extraction at an earlier stage. Another exciting development is the use of 3D printing, which enables more precise and cheaper manufacturing of dental implants and other prosthetics.

AI and modern technology have the potential to play an important role on the road to achieving a more sustainable and eco-friendly dental health industry. Using 3D printing reduces material consumption and waste, while AI-based diagnostics and treatment planning can improve accuracy and reduce the need for invasive and resource-intense interventions.

Exceeding customer expectations

In the past, the idea of a large dental chain would have been a daunting thought for many practice owners, but Colosseum Tannlege is excited to see more independent dental practices join a larger dental service and experience the positive aspects of being part of a greater whole. “A large interdisciplinary clinic offering a wide range of services creates an inspiring professional environment and is an excellent platform for learning and knowledge exchange,” says Grundstrøm.

The field of dental health is witnessing increasing competition, driven by higher customer expectations. “We need to exceed our patients’ expectations so they will tell their friends about their experience. If we care a little extra about everyone who comes to visit – then even those who were afraid of the dentist, or perhaps see dentistry just as a necessary evil – leaves us satisfied and with a positive experience,” Grundstrøm said.

2022 was the fastest growth year for Colosseum Tannlege to date, with 22 new clinics joining the chain. For Grundstrøm, scaling the business while retaining a high level of service is about getting the right people on board; “As a manager, you must dare to hire people who are more knowledgeable than yourself.”